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From 1975 to today

CAR borns in 1975 and has developed till now a great experience in working the aluminium for many productive fields. Since the beginning it builds hinges and accessories for aluminium frames by making them from aluminium profiles and mouldings in zamak or in plastic.

In 2001 CAR decides to buy new presses for zamak and plastic mouldings. It also improves the stamps planning and starts designing products for various sectors, and among them furniture fittings products.

In 2006 CAR was born and it is specialized as wholesaler of furniture fittings.

The choice of the market, as well as a thorough and strict business political, allows to create a reality that today can be considered as a reference for all companies that belong to furniture field, both in Italy and in foreign countries. CAR is very attentive to each customer needs. It gives an enormous value to collaboration to create a good synergy between customer and supplier which can allow to build an increasing, unfailing and long-term business for both parts. It is a reliable partner who can guarantee to its collaborators punctual and good service thanks to a good and wide range of products ready on stock.


CAR cooperates with certified suppliers that accomplish all points needed in UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. It protects the articles supplied to its customers with a registered trademark: this is a unequivocal sign of responsibility that guarantee to each customer to be protected thanks to its products and business political. It projects and invents assembling systems and it succeed in patenting some innovations in order to offer an improvement in terms of functionality. It studies the needs of modern furniture and try to create modern versions of historical fittings to give to its customers modern and design articles at the same conditions.


Since many years, CAR uses evolved raw materials. The utilization of recycled and renewable materials is due to a conscious choice in order to protect the environment which has to be preserved and not only hardly exploited. Moreover since several years, CAR guarantees that the biggest part of its supplied products has been originally produced with renewable energy.



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