BLU: Every moment counts!

Revolutionary, brilliant, simply ``BLU``

BLU is the revolutionary concealed connecting system.
BLU is practical, effective and robust.
BLU makes it possible to assemble furniture easily and quickly.
Where before multiple elements were needed to connect furniture parts,
with BLU, only one element, it is Pick & Fix.

For thickness 12-14-15-16

For thickness 16-18-20-23-25-28-30

The Research

The research carried out by CAR focused on simplifying the end user experience, reducing the assembly of industrial production furniture to a single element.
CAR’s revolutionary BLU connecting system was thus born.

BLU can be used with panels of thicknesses from 12 mm to 30 mm and makes it possible to assemble kit furniture without the need for additional hardware. The assembly process is quick, easy and intuitive. BLU guarantees an effective and strong structural hold, able to withstand various types of movement and stress, including those related to transportation. BLU is a concealed connecting system: once the component has been installed, the system is invisible to the eye. The only visible hole is 5/6 mm, instead of the 12/15 mm hole characteristic of the traditional set composed by excenter and dowel. In addition to representing a significant technical innovation, BLU enhances furniture design, offering a cleaner and more linear aesthetic solution. BLU is the first step toward change: the symbol of a evolutionary approach focused on the design of optimal solutions in the industrial production sectors.


Holes with Ø 8 or Ø 12 mm are used to insert the main part of the body inside the panel. The direction of the locking hexagon that points towards the 6 mm
diameter hole has to be respected.
A milled section/guide is needed to ensure BLU is correctly inserted.

The part of the body called “expansion base”, exiting from the edge of the first panel is inserted into the hole already present in the second panel.
The connection is extremely easy to make.

The Allen key is inserted into the 6 mm diameter hole and turned clockwise until a “click” is heard.

Both body and expansion base side wings open simultaneously. The two panels are joined together perfectly, PULLED towards one another.


For decades, the traditional set composed by excenter and dowel has been the most common assembly system used in modern kit furniture. The shape of both the cam and the dowel has influenced the widespread use of this type of assembly, implemented by the innovative introduction of the expanding dowel.

To date, these accessories, along with other components, are part of a complicated set of installation pieces.

The pre-assembly of the latter is an accepted fact, in the absence of other viable solutions. The end consumer is required to carefully identify the various installation components (after opening the hardware package), understand their correct use and hope not to miss anything before starting the kit assembly process.

BLU resolves all these challenges.


Thanks to its dynamic characteristics, BLU follows the traditional assembly process, from inserting the component to joining and locking it, in a remarkably short time.BLU can be manually inserted into the furniture and is also suitable for automated assembly


Composed of a single multifunction body, BLU is sufficient on its own, without the need for additional hardware to assemble any type of kit furniture.


All the various furniture components are solidly joined together and able to withstand movements, stresses and transport. Guaranteed stability thanks to the expansion of jagged wings.


Hole diameter 85% smaller than in a traditional assembling made with excenter and dowel. To activate Blu, insert a screwdriver in the small, 6 mm Ø hole. The reduced size of this hole means that you do not need to use a cover cap, improving the overall aesthetics.


The mono-piece conception and the cylindrical body of BLU are allowing for its automatic machine insertion during panel processing. True flat-pack 2.0.


BLU is made of fully recyclable materials. CAR has always adopted strategies and methodologies aimed to recover useful materials in order to reuse them.


Thanks to its thermosetting properties, the high density thermoplastic material which BLU in composed of, offers excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Both the zamak core, and the thermoplastic are able to withstand a very wide temperature range (from -30 °C up to +90 °C).


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